Sparkwant operates on a list of core values that shape our culture and products.

1. Awesomeness - be excellent & have fun!

We strive for excellence in everything we do! We want to perform to the absolute best of our ability in all tasks we undertake. We have unquestionable dedication to delivering the best experience to our users. We’re never settling for good enough but rather always challenging any limits to produce a stunning product. Awesome happens when making the seemingly impossible magically real.

2. Simplicity - always simplify

Reduce everything to its essence to experience its purity. Whether it’s design, process, or policy, we seek to expose the ultimate truth. Intuitive design of an elegantly simple system allows for natural ease of use and effortless enjoyment. We believe that adding features and increasing functionality can improve the utility of the product without introducing unnecessary complexity or friction.

3. Innovation - push forward, learn, iterate

Rapid iteration and constant improvements is the engine that drives us to create amazing technology. We want to continuously make things better with incremental changes after completely re-imagining the features to provide a superior experience for our users. We move fast, break things, and learn from experiments to make better mistakes tomorrow. We take risk to drive revolutionary change.

4. Scrappiness - stay lean & be resourceful

We do more with less. We effectively utilize available resources to maximize output without compromising quality. We plan our execution to focus on having the highest positive impact while taking the most efficient route. We rely on creativity to get work done and use out-of-the-box thinking along with clever hacks to accomplish our goals by taking an unconventional path.

5. Leadership - use good judgement, take ownership, and be accountable

To remove friction when it comes to having the best ideas win, we have minimal operational hierarchy and zero hierarchy while brainstorming ideas. As a result, the best ideas rise to the top without any obstacles from bureaucracy. We are data-driven and require well-reasoned arguments to make rational decision based on metrics. We take a pragmatic approach to solving complex problems.

6. Courage - be bold & take initiative

The virtue to do the right thing even in unclear situations regardless of the consequences resulting from the outcome. Such action involves being decisive with conflicting or incomplete information. During any challenges, we must guard our culture and protect our users and partners. Also, the courage to try new things and explore uncharted territory to push the limit of what’s possible.

7. Adaptability - be flexible & embrace change

Being able to thrive in a fast-pace environment that’s in constant flux. We are fully determined to bring our vision to life by making smart mistakes, learning quickly, and persisting through hardships. We are resilient and not discouraged by failure, but learn from it and with tenacity reconsider technique. We adjust to changes and are of the mindset of outdoing ourselves by revising our approach in realtime.

8. Specialize - focus on & obsess over what matters

Instead of trying to do many things, we focus on the core concept and crafting a delightful experience that wows our users. We use multidisciplinary approach and fresh thinking to come up with the perfect solution. We prefer building a strong expertise in a certain field including comprehending small details while still understanding the fundamentals of the overall ecosystem.

9. Openness - be clear & straightforward

We value our users’ trust and have transparency when it comes to the information that we collect and how we use use it responsibility to benefit everyone. We encourage feedback from our team, users, and partners in order to have a dialogue around building an even better service. Also internally at our company, we openly share data to make more informed and better decisions.

10. Perseverance - learn from mistakes & never quit

We embrace experimentation and making mistakes to expand knowledge and build a better service. Failure is an opportunity for better revisions. Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. We understand that good products are a result of many iterations and persistence is key to accomplishing the optimal result. Persevering through hard times is simply part of building amazing things.